Inauguration of the cers wind farm (eosner customer)

June 24, 2022,

It was with great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment that SEPALE teams took part in the inauguration of the Cers Wind Farm in the communes of Conilhac-Corbières and Escales on Friday June 24.

The guests (elected representatives, local residents, commercial, technical and financial partners, etc.) were all happy to meet up again and, for some, to visit the nacelles on this wonderful day.

In many ways, this repowering (renewal of wind turbines) is exemplary:

  • Treatment and recovery of 100% of waste via dedicated recycling channels during dismantling
  • Strong involvement of the region, with a partnership between EOS and the local wine cooperatives grouped together within SODEL (Société de Développement Economique du Lezignanais).
  • Also, in favor of the region, a sponsorship for the replanting of trees along the Canal du Midi

Previously comprising 10 wind turbines with an output of 7.5MW, the Cers Wind Farm now comprises just 5 turbines, but has increased its production capacity by 50%: enough to supply the equivalent of 14,500 homes with electricity.

The success of this project is the foundation on which EOSNER and SEPALE are working to implement several other wind power projects in the Lézignanais region, in partnership with SODEL, winegrowers and elected representatives, and more widely throughout the region.

SEPALE was awarded the contract for the repowering of the Cers Wind Farm by EOSNER in April 2020, prior to obtaining the necessary administrative authorizations.

This success once again demonstrates SEPALE’s expertise and its ability to master the entire process of preparing and implementing such a project within an optimized timeframe (12 months from site opening to the first injections).

SEPALE has already been commissioned to carry out other projects of this nature.



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