Saulnois, France’s 1st renewable energy acceleration zone!

FEBRUARY 6, 2023,

On Thursday January 26, 2023, the commune of Laneuveville-en-Saulnois in Moselle, France, distinguished itself by beating the Joint Committee on the Bill to accelerate the production of Renewable Energies, as well as the National Assembly (which has since adopted it) and the Senate.

In the face of the energy emergency, and with the acute awareness that the massive deployment of renewable energies is essential to combat climate change, the town council unanimously voted to create France’s first renewable energies acceleration zone, and to increase wind turbine production on its territory by 20%.

As a reminder, SEPALE and Billas Avenir Energie – partners in the development of the Société du Parc Eolien de Saulnois project on the municipal territory, obtained at the end of 2021, after a long and complex appraisal, the environmental authorization for the construction and operation of the park composed of 6 wind turbines (150 m high).

In line with the Bill, SEPALE and BAE have applied for a minor modification to raise the wind turbines by 14.9 meters to produce 20% more electricity (equivalent to the consumption of around 4,500 people). This request has not yet been granted, however, due to opposition from the army, whose radar is located … more than 40kms away!

Through this deliberation, the commune of Laneuveville in Saulnois is once again affirming the region’s support for the Saulnois Wind Farm project, and is fully in line with the spirit of the law by requesting that the Moselle Prefecture rapidly grant an amending authorization.

In short: a well-developed project, ready to build, supported by the region and capable of supplying a further 10GWh/year without any significant change (including on the radar over 40 kms away ;-)). So, shall we speed things up?


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